Pond Design Ideas

Pond Sketch

Pond Design with Stream and Waterfall

Pond Design Ideas

A pond design is the backbone to every natural water feature.  The placement, scale, and topography are key ingredients to successful pond designs.  The simple direction a pond faces can be the difference of hours of enjoyment.

Consider viewing areas inside and out, such as kitchen windows, screen porches, and patios.  Take a walk through your property and discover your traffic patterns.  Add all of these vantage points together and sit down in your favorite chair.  Now look out the window and design it primarily from this viewing angle.  If do not have enough area consider designing it from the viewing angle that you spend the most percentage of time.

The number one mistake in designing a pond is not building it close enough to your living space.  Indefinitely costs are added by building another living space closer to their feature.  You will find yourself interacting with your pond daily as it mystically changes with the seasons.  Ponds truly become part of your lifestyle.
Another mistake people make when designing a pond is that it is not big enough.  Right, I know, you have a budget etc.  But, statistically, most pond owners have three ponds in their lifetime.  Why not build it right the first time and enjoy it for years to come?

Your design should be to right size for your yard.  Adding a small pond to a large backyard will be like adding some flowers among the trees.  The best selling size pond in the United States is 11 feet by 16 feet.  This size makes room for additional fish and aquatic plants which will aid in the design looking natural.

Try using a garden hose to lay out the shape of your pond on the ground.  Then step back and look at it from your windows and favorite seating area.  Add a waterfall or stream to the side of the pond that will face these viewing areas.  Not only will you be able to view these added features but, also hear them.  Only when all your senses are engaged will you have a successful design.


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