Koi Pond Filter

Koi Pond Filter

A koi pond filter, often thought to be the best option, can add unnecessary expenses to a pond.  The world of ponds is continually evolving.  Being a pond expert for the past decade I have often found this more frustrating then helpful.  However, in retrospect ponds have come full circle in the past couple years.

Pond enthusiasts have often confused filtration with the pool industry.  For the last 30 years America has made the swimming pool the backyard paradise.  Sheds were built to house the filters and pumps and chemicals where added to keep the water clear.

During the same time koi enthusiasts began adopting pool like practices much like in aquariums.  This only added the complexity and the confusion of the average pond hobbyist.

What if there was a solution, that was less expensive then a bead filter and worked with nature not against it?

It is called a wetland.  Nature’s best cure for pollution is a wetland.  A wetland is stronger than a pond bead filter system.  A wetland takes fewer pipes and is less complex.  A wetland does not need to be back flushed daily either.  No large filter to hide.  With the power of our small 4×6 foot wetland filter you can out perform the best $10K bead filtration systems.  And the best part is that it can be built for pennies on the dollar.


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